Investing In 2018: Dividend Stocks

As of this writing, it appears that 2018 may be a difficult year for investors who seek relatively safe investments. Yields on bonds, bank accounts, money market funds, and other savings vehicles are extremely low, with questionable prospects for substantial increases. In essence, relatively low-risk places to put your money this year appear to offer scant returns.

Stock market indexes, on the other hand, are at or near record levels. But equity markets have been rising since early 2009, so the chance of a pullback in the broader stock market may be just as great as the possibility of solid gains.

Given this environment, where might investors go for opportunities for respectable returns with some protection against a steep decline? One possibility is in dividend paying stocks. […]

Small Companies Need Plans for Natural Disasters

From East Coast to West Coast, hurricanes and wild fires recently created huge losses of lives, property, and emotional wellbeing. In the middle of the United States, crippling natural disasters can range from blizzards to river flooding to tornadoes. News reports naturally focus on homes and families, but local businesses also are among the victims.

There may be little a small company can do when it’s in the path of record winds or a wall of flames. However, there are steps a business owner can take when things are calm to reduce the impact of catastrophic conditions in the future. […]